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   SB-ST Hwh 100

greenteQ Saw blades SB-ST Hwh 100 are made of bimetal, a highly flexible compound of HSS and HCS for the highest requirements. They are specially suited for use with hard wood, abrasive wooden materials, hard plastics and harder materials such as non-ferrous metal and metal. The particularly flexible greenteQ Saw blades SB-ST Hwh 100 are used, for example, if a shank is in danger of breaking. Their service life is twice as long as that of standard HSS blades and roughly ten times longer than that of HCS blades. The price-performance ratio is correspondingly attractive. The teeth of the greenteQ Saw blade SB-ST Hwh 100 are offset (the teeth are bent to the right and left in alternation), which prevents jamming and increases the service life of the saw blade significantly. Due to the innovative grooving at the tip of the saw blade, the greenteQ Saw blade SB-ST Hwh 100 is ideally suited for plunge cuts.


Product advantages:

- extra long service life

- quick blank cut

- single lug shank

- ideal for plunge cuts

- one saw blade for hard wood and soft wood

Application areas: 

Hard wood: up to 50 mm
Soft wood: 5 to 50 mm
All types of boards (including coated boards): suitable
Plunge cut: suitable



Name Packaging unit VBH Item-No..
Saw blade SB-ST Hwh 100 5 pieces 999.990/0201

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