WindowFoam 1K Class E 500 ml

Техническая спецификация
Паспорт безопасности
General building inspectorate test certificate
Testbericht (EMICODE)
   WindowFoam 1K Class E 500 ml

The window foam for sound and thermal insulation during window installation.


The greenteQ WindowFoam 1K is a ready-to-use, moisture-hardening, singlecomponent, self-expanding polyurethane foam with fantastic stability of form. The greenteQ Window Foam 1K is suitable for filling, damming, gluing, sealing, and insulating, and adheres brilliantly to almost all construction sub-surfaces.
The foam’s excellent damming and insulation properties ensure higher sound and thermal insulation than can be achieved using mineral wool, cork, and fibreglass.

Areas of application:
• Sound and thermal insulation in the middle damming level when installing windows
• Filling joints, cavities, pipe and wall ducts
• Insulation and damming of roof constructions


Proven features and specifications: 

  • Building material class according to EN 13501-1 Class E
  • Yield according to FEICA TM 1003 23 l
  • Cuttable according to FEICA TM 1005 after approx. 35 minutes (30 mm-strand at +20°C)
  • Fully loadable: after approx. 12 hours (30 mm-strand at +20°C)
  • Processing temperature: (atmospheric and sub-surface) -5°C to +35°C / optimally 20°C
  • Capacity shrinkage according to FEICA TM 1004 <5%
  • Dosage temperature: min. +5°C to +25°C
  • Cellular character: regular/fine
  • Hardness: semi-hard
  • Thickness according to FEICA TM 1019 29.5 kg/m³
  • Temperature resistance: from -40°C to +90°C
  • Valve: standard rubber valve
  • Delivery form: tinplate tin with 500 ml, carton with 12 tins.
  • Colour: yellow/champagne-coloured
  • Proven thermal conductivity according to DIN 52612 max. W (m.K) 0.039
  • Proven sound reduction according to EN ISO 717-1 58 dB

    Volume Language group Export article Packaging unit VBH article number
    500 ml D/GB/DK   12 tins 217 274 6397
    500 ml DE/FR/NL/IT yes 12 tins 217 274 6399
    500 ml DE/EN/ES/PT yes 12 tins 217 274 6679
    500 ml DE/PL/RU/CZ yes 12 tins 217 274 6681