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General building inspectorate test certificate
Test report Water vapor permeability
   Plena Basic film

greenteQ Plena Basic film with very high adhesive strength for interior and exterior sealing of window and door connection joints.


greenteQ Plena Basic film consists of a moisture-regulating special film with a variable Sd value. This ensures a high drying effect in the joint all year round. The self-adhesive strip allows for a very simple, fully concealed installation of the film, which can be plastered over. The fully self-adhesive mounting strip is perforated at 25 mm for the purpose of easier installation. The double-sided window frame adhesive does not fully bond until around four minutes after application. This allows the film to be corrected on the window frame.


• one film for interior and exterior sealing: no risk of mix-up

• special fleece surface that can be plastered/coated over with ease 

• suitable for renovation and new construction on various window frames

• installation variants: single-sided or double-sided

• complies with the EnEV requirements for building shell air-tightness

• high plaster adhesion

• no adhesive film necessary

• can generally be used without a primer even on difficult substrates. We recommend carrying out an adhesion and compatibility test on every substrate.

  Some substrates will need to be pre-treated with primer.


Technical data:


• Material description: Film fleece-laminated on one side

• Colour: White

• Building material class DIN EN 13501-1: Class E

• Watertightness of joints DIN EN 1928: ≥ 600 Pa

• Joint permeability coefficient DIN EN 1026: an ≈ 0 m³/[h*m*(daPa)2/3]

• AirtightnessDIN EN 12114: Class 4 fulfilled

• UV stability (fleece side): Approx. 9 months

• Sd value (water vapour permeability) DIN EN ISO 12572: Sd value depending on the average humidity between 0.39 m (vapour-diffusion-permeable) and 5.5 m (moisture-proof)*

• Temperature resistance Internal: Approx. -40℃ to approx. +80℃

• Processing temperature: Approx. +5℃ to approx. +45℃ (reveal adhesive can be used as from -10°C)

• Storage time: 12 months, dry and in original packaging

• Storage temperature: +5°C to +20°C


* The variable Sd value can be recorded only using a dynamic calculation program.

  A fixed Sd value of 2.5 m can be used for calculations according to a static method.


Roll width Roll length Packaging unit VBH item number

70 mm

30,0 m 8 x 30,0 m 217 275 3012
100 mm 30,0 m 4 x 30,0 m 217 275 3002
140 mm 30,0 m 4 x 30,0 m 217 275 3004