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   Window frame screw, torx (Pan head)

greenteQ Window frame screw, torx, with pan head for the optimum fixation of window frames.


greenteQ Window frame screw, torx, with pan head is suitable for fixing window frames made of plastic, wood and aluminium on concrete, solid bricks, tiles and other high-strength building materials. The screw is made of case-hardened carbon steel, the surface is bright and galvanised.


Product advantages:
• Straightforward mounting of window frames on various types of substrates
• Effective through-hole assembly
• Optimum force transmission through guidance in the torx drive during force application, longer bit service life
• Ready for immediate use and can be subjected to high loads
• High load capacity due to two engaging connection partners (positive engagement)
• With its special thread, greenteQ Window frame screw guarantees permanent attachment to the concrete or masonry without any dowels
• Easy handling of the greenteQ Window frame screw thanks to the special thread
• No spacer blocks needed during mounting

Minimum length:
• Concrete: 30 mm (with percussion drill)
• Sandy limestone, solid brick: 40 mm (with percussion drill)
• Pumice: 50 mm
• Honeycomb brick: 100 mm
• Porous concrete: 60 mm (without pre-drilling)

• Wood: 45 mm


Material: Case-hardened carbon steel
Drive: torx T30
Head shape:  pan head
Head diameter:   13.5 mm
Thread type: metal tapping screw thread (ST)


Dimensions d x L in mm Head shape Packaging unit VBH Item-No.
7,5 x 42 mm pan head 100 217.268/4264
7,5 x 62 mm pan head 100 217.268/4265
7,5 x 72 mm pan head 100 217.268/4266
7,5 x 82 mm pan head 100 217.268/4267
7,5 x 92 mm pan head 100 217.268/4268
7,5 x 102 mm pan head 100 217.268/4269
7,5 x 112 mm pan head 100 217.268/4270
7,5 x 122 mm pan head 100 217.268/4271
7,5 x 132 mm pan head 100 217.268/4272
7,5 x 152 mm pan head 100 217.268/4273
7,5 x 182 mm pan head 100 217.268/4274
7,5 x 212 mm pan head 100 217.268/4275
7,5 x 300 mm pan head 100 217.268/4286