Hybrid white assembly adhesive cartridge

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   Hybrid white assembly adhesive

greenteQ Hybrid white assembly adhesive is a high-quality, fast-curing, permanently elastic adhesive and sealant based on a hybrid polymer with very high initial adhesion.


High-quality, neutral, elastic, single-component adhesive based on a hybrid polymer. Bonding in structural and civil engineering. Elastic bonding of sheets, profi les and other components to most common substrates (timber, MDF, particle boards etc.).


Product properties:

• High initial adhesion, less support required.

• Fast curing.

• Easy to dispense.

• Very low emissions, EC1 PLUS-certified.

• High shear strength once completely cured (no primer).

• Remains elastic after curing and is very durable.

• Odourless.

• Can be painted over with water-based coating systems.

• High weather and UV resistance.

• Does not contain any isocyanates and silicones.

• Good adhesion to slightly moist substrates.


Technical data:

• Basis: MS polymer

• Consistency: Stable paste

• Skin formation* (23°C/50% R.F.): Approx. 5 minutes

• Curing time* (23°C/50% R.F.): 3 mm / 24 hrs

• Hardness**: 50 ± 5 Shore A

• Density**: 1,47 g/ml

• Recovery capacity (ISO 7389)**: > 75%

• Max. permissible total deformation (ISO 11600): ± 20%

• Tensile strength (ISO 37)**: 3,00 N/mm²

• Modulus of elasticity 100% (ISO 37)**: 1,60 N/mm²

• Elongation at break (ISO 37)**: 500%

• Temperature resistance***: -40°C to +90°C

• Coverage* (with an adhesive bead of approx. 5 mm): Approx. 15 linear metres

• Processing temperature: +5°C to +35°C


* These values may vary depending on environmental factors such as temperature, humidity or the type of substrate.

** These fi gures refer to a fully cured product.


Colour Content Packaging unit VBH Item No.
white 290 ml 12 cartridges 217 274 8858
white 600 ml 12 tubular bags 217 274 8857

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