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   Window handle lockable FG61.TBT1.SG100.ER 100NM

greenteQ Window handle lockable with TBT1 function made of stainless steel with rotation resistance 100 Nm


greenteQ Window handle FG61.TBT1.SG100.ER for windows that open inwards; TBT1 function (tilt before turn: tilt position 90° is possible in the locked state); 100 Nm turn resistance certified in accordance with DIN EN 13126-3; Lockable with pressure cylinder in the handle part, keyed alike with 2 keys; Concealed screw connection; Matt brushed stainless steel; Incl. screws and square spindles. 


Technical data:


Catch:   90°
Square spindles:         7 mm loose for pin length protruding 24, 31, 36 and 42 mm
Locating lug diameter: 10 mm
Keyed alike:  E45
Rosette dimensions: 33 x 74 x 14 mm
Screws: Incl. 2 M5 x 50 mm



Material Finish Pin length VBH item number
Stainless steel Matt brushed 24 - 42 mm 217.274 / 5751



TBT function: The designation TBT (tilt before turn) refers to the sequence in which the window is opened: locked position (0°), tilt position (90°) and open position (180°). Note: The TBT function is ensures only if a suitable turn/tilt fitting designed for this function is used.


TBT1 function: the lock cylinder does not have to be unlocked in order to tilt the window (window handle in horizontal 90° position). To turn the window handle to the open position (vertical position 180° upwards), the lock cylinder must first of all be unlocked. This secures the TBT window against unintended opening from inside, e.g. By children.

Spare key for FG61.TBT1.SG100.ER: VBH 217.274 / 6256
greenteQ Sleeves for locating lugs 10/12 mm: VBH 397.414 / 0000