All-Season Pistol Foam 1K Class E 750 ml

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   All-Season Pistol Foam 1K Class E 750 ml

Universalschaum for all-year-round use.


The greenteQ All-Season Pistol Foam 1K is a single-component polyurethane foam workable down to a sub-soil and atmospheric temperature of -10°C. The dosage temperature during processing must at least be above +5°C. The greenteQ All-Season Pistol Foam 1K is a ready-to-use, moisture-hardening, single-component, self-expanding polyurethane foam with fantastic stability of form. The greenteQ All-Season Pistol Foam 1K is suitable for filling, damming, gluing, sealing, and insulating, and adheres brilliantly to almost all construction sub-soils. The foam’s excellent damming and insulation properties ensure higher sound and thermal insulation than can be achieved using mineral wool, cork, and fibreglass. Extremely fine cell structure, high discharge speed and high residual discharge help achieve the best work results.

Areas of application:

  • Filling joints, cavities, pipe and wall ducts
  • Insulation and damming of roof constructions
  • Sound and thermal insulation in the middle damming level as per the state of the art

Geprüfte Eigenschaften und technischen Daten: 

  • Building material class: EN 13501-1 Class E
  • Yield (free-foam): FEICA TM 1003 approx. 50 litres
  • Cuttable according to FEICA TM 1005 after approx. 30 +/- 5 minutes
  • Glue-free according to FEICA TM 1014 after approx. 8 minutes
  • Fully loadable: after approx. 12 hours (30 mm-strand at +20°C)
  • Processing temperature (atmospheric and sub-soil) -10°C to +30°C / optimally 20°C
  • Dosage temperature: min. +5°C to +30°C
  • Capacity shrinkage: FEICA TM 1004 <5%
  • Pressure strength: FEICA TM 1011 Approx. 37 kPa
  • Thickness: FEICA TM 1019 17.9 kg/m³
  • Cellular character: Regular/fine
  • Temperature resistance: -40°C to +90°C
  • Proven thermal conductivity: DIN 52612 <39 mW/m.K
  • Proven sound reduction: EN ISO 717-1 >58 dB
  • Colour: Champagne/yellowish
  • Valve: Standard rubber valve
  • Delivery form: Tinplate can with 750 ml contents.
    Carton with 12 tins, 624 tins per pallet

Content Language group Export article VE VBH article number
750 ml D/GB/DK no 12 tins 217.274 / 6390
750 ml DE/FR/NL/IT  yes 12 tins 217.274 / 6392
750 ml DE/EN/ES/PT  yes 12 tins 217.274 / 6672
750 ml DE/PL/RU/CZ  yes 12 tins 217.274 / 6674

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