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   DG 58.S216.ER.SSWB PZ 92

The greenteQ lever handle set DG 58.S216.ER.SSWB PZ 92 is made of non-rusting stainless steel and has a plate width of 35 mm. The handle is prepared for a profile cylinder, with a spacing of 92 mm.  The angled bow-type handle fixed on the outer plate is mountable. The lever is mounted on the inner plate in such a way that it is stationary/rotatable and has a holding spring. The greenteQ lever handle set DG 58.S216.ER.SSWB PZ 92 is preconfigured for an 8 mm square spindle. The outer plate has supporting cams and is fixed in place by means of a concealed screw connection, for which a separate accessories set (3 x M6 screws, 1 x 8 mm square spindle) is required.


Technical data:


Mounting:    Stationary / rotatable with holding spring
Square spindle:          8 mm
Plate dimensions: 35 x 245 mm
Edge height:  10.5 mm
Spacing:    92 mm PZ


Material Surface Square spindle VBH Item-No.
Satinless steel matt brushed for 8 mm 217.270/3148

greenteQ Set of accessories DG 58.AL/ER.SSWB:

Doot thickness VBH Item-No.
Door thickness 59 - 65 mm 396.264/5965
Door thickness 64 - 70 mm 396.264/6470
Door thickness 69 - 75 mm 396.264/6975
Door thickness 74 - 80 mm 396.264/7480
Door thickness 79 - 85 mm 396.264/7985
Door thickness 84 - 90 mm 217.269/9206
Door thickness 89 - 95 mm 217.269/9207
Door thickness 94 - 100 mm 217.269/9208


Drilling jig set V II (217.270/4922)

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