Shim block 40x60x1,5

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   Shim blocks

greenteQ shim blocks are solid-cast plates made from polypropylene (PP). The greenteQ liners already fulfil the edge seal compatibility requirements due to the material properties of polypropylene. greenteQ shim blocks are mainly used in window and door installation for equalisation and alignment purposes. They are also used in interior finishing and drywall construction or can be universally used as spacers or shim blocks.


Product advantages:

- Ideal for level equalisation where pin-point accuracy is required

- Installation aid due to underlay

- Suitable for use with large loads

- Temperature resistant and dimensionally accurate, even where exposed to wet, hot or cold conditions

- Versatile application options


Technical data:


Melt flow index: 20/30 g/10 min
Density: 0.90 - 0.94 g/cm³
Notch impact strength: > 3 KJ/m²
Flexural modulus: > 1000 MPa
Shore hardness (D): 50 - 60


Name Packaging unit VBH Item-No.
Shim block 40x60x1 1000 pieces 217.270/6885
Shim block 40x60x1,5 1000 pieces 403.055/0001
Shim block 40x60x2 1000 pieces 217.270/6896
Shim block 40x60x3 1000 pieces 403.055/0003
Shim block 40x60x4 1000 pieces 217.270/6897
Shim block 40x60x5 1000 pieces 403.055/0005
Shim block 40x60x10 500 pieces 403.055/0010
Shim block 40x60x15 500 pieces 217.270/6898
Shim block 40x60x20 500 pieces 217.270/6899

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