10 mm

Техническая спецификация
   integral rigid foam board CELUKA

The greenteQ integral rigid foam board CELUKA is a quality product made from PVC in Germany and can be used in a wide range of applications in the construction, industry and advertising sectors. The main applications of the greenteQ CELUKA integral rigid foam board in the construction industry include interior finishing, panelling also in wet and damp areas, forming roller shutter boxes and parapet infills as well as shop fitting. In the industry, the greenteQ CELUKA integral rigid foam board can mainly be used in furniture, container and vehicle construction. In addition, greenteQ CELUKA integral hard foam boards are suitable for use in chemical and laboratory construction due to their excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.
Moreover, the greenteQ integral hard foam panel CELUKA is weather-resistant, printable and can be laminated. It is thus ideally suited for use in (outdoor) advertising, trade fair construction and shop window decoration.
To clean the greenteQ integral hard foam panel CELUKA when blank, laminated and printed, you can use:
• greenteQ plastic cleaner 20 (VBH art. no. 217.273 / 3171) or
• greenteQ citrus cleaner (VBH art. no. 217.272 / 8424).
In any case, however, test these at an inconspicuous area first.

Possible applications:
• Machining: Cutting, sawing, turning, milling, filing, drilling, planing, grinding & screwing
• Chipless deformation: Bending, edging and thermoforming
• Printing, varnishing and laminating: all known concealing and varnishing processes are possible.


Product advantages:
• very low thermal conductivity, good insulation value
• low water absorption
• good soundproofing
• excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
• low weight

Technical data:

  testing method
10 mm 19 mm
(Raw) density: DIN EN ISO 1183 ca. 0,50 g/cm³ ca. 0,47 g/cm³
Tensile strength: DIN EN ISO 527 ≥ 13 MPa ≥ 6 MPa
U-value (Up): DIN EN 674
(based on)
2.6 W/m²K 2.0 W/m²K
Continuous use temperature:
(original white board):
  60 °C 60 °C
Thermal conductivity:   ca. 0,049 W/mK ca. 0,055 W/mK
Sound insulation value,
RW (C;Ctr):
DIN EN ISO 10848   27 (-1;-4) dB 29 (-1;-2) dB
Fire behaviour:   not applicable not applicable
Elongation at break: DIN EN ISO 527 ≥ 15 % ≥ 13 %
Colour:   similar to RAL 9016  similar to RAL 9016
Net weight /
gross weight:
  18,75 kg /
20,43 kg
33,49 kg /
36,68 kg
Palletising:   50 pieces 30 pieces

Dimensions Thickness Packaging unit VBH Item No.
3.000 x 1.250 mm 10 mm 2 pieces = 7,5 m² 217.274/7583
3.000 x 1.250 mm 19 mm 2 pieces = 7,5 m² 217.274/7584